Welcome to my website! 

My name is Marta Kisand and I am a Color&Material Designer and a Colorist from Estonia.

I have worked as a Color&Material Designer for many years, designing and developing colors and materials for cars, trucks, busses, jets and variety of industrial products. I have done color management for fashion industry, where I gained in-depth knowledge about different textile fabrics, industrial textile dying and printing techniques, and also about digital color development and management.

I have a great passion for different materials, surface treatments, color pigments and innovative technologies. I love working with color and exploring product surface enhancement possibilities through versatile materials, rich color combinations, variety of textures, patterns and graphics.

My aim is to provide creative color and material solutions to achieve clients objectives, style and vision. Color and material plays a central role in creating of product identity and in raising brand perception. When it comes to an industrial implementation, it is vital to choose the right manufacturing process and an optimal color matching.

At the moment I am working as an aviation Color&Material Designer at Lilium GmbH close to Munich.