Workshop at eTextiles Summer Camp with expert practitioners of eTextiles and Soft Circuitry.

Bobbin-lace making started in the 16th century in Italy. Back then the lace was made with gold and silver-wrapped threads or colored silks and linen threads to create extravagant designs.

We used linen thread and conductive silver plated thread, like they did in the 16th century but additionally to visual pleasure we developed this technique for much more functional e-textiles use, e.g. for electrical circuits.

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Lecturers: Marta Kisand and Barbro Scholz.

2013, France


Smart Textiles course at the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

During the course the students learned the basics of LED circuits and embroidery with conductive yarn. For learning we used the e-textile kits from In the end of the class the students designed and created jewelry pieces and accessories with LED embroidery.

Lecturer: Marta Kisand

2013, Mexico


DIY Reflector design workshops are organized in the schools of Estonia to raise overall knowledge about personal safety and necessity to wear reflectors when dark.  

Workshop in Pelgulinna Highschool together with 9th grade students.

Lecturer: Marta Kisand

2012, Estonia