Layered Chromics

Layered chromics sample is a water and temperature combination affected textile sample. Depending on whether a warm (over 27 C) or cold (below 27 C) water touches the sample, a specific color and/or pattern appears.

The layered combination of the chromic inks is build up in 3 layers. First is a thermochromic magenta + blue pigment layer. Second is black thermochromic layer with a pattern. Third is all hydrochromic layer.

1st layer thermochromic magenta + blue pigment:

2nd layer black thermochromic layer with a pattern:
3rd layer is only hydrochromic.

Red and black is activated with cold water. Blue activated with hot water:


Each layer must be fixed with heat by ironing the dry sample with 130 C for 3 minutes each. 


2013 "Thermochromic Origami" by Isabel Cabral & A. P. Souto:

2014 Water Connector by Marta Kisand, Barbro Scholz and Esther Stühme

2014 "Changing Patterns" by Aniela Hoitink / NEFFA

2016 "Metamerism" by Celine Marcq


Magenta Thermochromic Ink (27 C)
Black  Thermochromic Ink (27 C)
Hydrochromic Ink
Aquaplast binder
Aquaplast blue pigment
Screen printing screen (61 T)
100% cotton textile


Sample pattern design

Screen printing

Here is a good tutorial (not mine) for screen making, pattern application and screen printing:

Heat fixing of the print on textile: 130 C for 3 minutes, each layer.


8 cm diameter circle sample


Red and black is activated with cold water. Blue activated with hot water:

Patterns, Templates:

Layer order plan:

Pigment mixing:

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