The Huichol

The Huichol are a Native American ethnic group of western central Mexico. I visited them in Real de Catorce village in San Luis Potosi province. 
The Huichol create colorful craft pieces. The symbols and techniques sprung from shamanistic traditions. They do small beaded objects and yarn paintings in psychedelic colors. Their artwork is strongly related to their traditions and beliefs.

They create yarn paintings: small squared or round wood tablets are covered with beeswax and thereafter yarns are pressed into the wax. The images on the yarn paintings are very detailed and colorful.
Another technique they use is beading. Similarly with yarn paintings they cover wooden objects with beeswax and insert the beads on top. They also make beaded jewelry, the modern variations of this jewelry is 3-dimensional and very complex. Today they use plastic beads but before they were making their own beads of wood, stones and other materials.
In Real de Catorce it was possible to see a lot of beautiful artwork made by local artisans.
2013, Mexico
Corrida de Toros